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Our philosophy

Psydesk.org is founded at 2015 with the mission to provide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapists innovative tools that facilitate their everyday psychotherapeutic practice and deliver remotely psychotherapeutic sessions with ease.


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CBTWebHelper is offered for free and facilitates remote client's assessment, psychoeducation preparation, case formulation and psychotherapist's treatment plan. It does not need to enter patient's personal identifiable information (PII) and data are stored encrypted in an industrial design firewall, so it can be used safely all over the world. At the moment it supports Greek and English language.

EABCT, Athens 2020, 3-5 Sept

"A dear colleague who is an acclaimed psychotherapist called me 'the mega-mind' behind the CBTWebHelper. I believe that it is a matter of human virtues such as vision, perseverance, personal sacrifices and dedication  in order to build a somewhat better world..."

What is the first free mental health platform CBTWebHelper

CBTWebHelper is a social initiative in the field of the community of Mental Health Services. It is is an interactive platform that facilitates  psychotherapis t-client collaboration, helps the Mental Health practitioner in its daily psychotherapeutic practice and promotes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Research. It can be used as a supportive web-application in conjuction with any video conference and EMR software.

It offers a structured help to Cognitive Behavioral psychotherapist while it facilitates collaboration with clients, both at the office and remote online sessions. Build your resources library, prepare tailored psychoeducational material, work with Dynamic Dysfunctional Thoughts Diary and get help in identifying important CBT elements in order to develop a case formulation and client's treatment plan. It supports Text Dictation.

Its distinctive feature is that clients' account do not contain Personally Identifiable Information such as name, address, phone number, birthdate, mother's maiden name etc. It is stored in a kind of anonymous manner and encrypted. 

Psydesk.org is looking for co-founders and collaborators to translate CBTWebHelper and promote Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in more countries. Ideally, we are expecting the expenses (server expenses and roll-out new features) to be 95% covered from donations and sponsorships of the community of Mental Health professionals and related educational services.

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CBTWebHelper in ACTION

If you are a mental health professional, please visit and open a free account
Case formulation Automations

Structured CBT sessions

Dynamic Dysfunctional Thought Diary

Client's History

Psychometrics administration

All client/sessions' info in one screen

Therapists can:

Keep notes that they consider important for the successful outcome of treatment

Create Dysfunctional Thought Diaries based on the course of treatment by adding/removing columns and changing their raw order. This feature is very useful, as client's DTD constantly evolves according to the course of therapy

Create psycho-educational material which may include the use of internet resources

Deliver psychometric tests and reliably pinpoint the effects of their interventions

Deliver a Mini Mental State Examination and a Current Psychosocial Functioning Interview - Reliably keep track of client's progress in therapy

Develop a Patient's Case Formulation and Treatment Plans

Schedule psychotherapeutic sessions and be notified for their daily Sessions through SMS

Create promotional material for their office using in-app Google Maps

A video chat service (talky.io) provided by &yet, a small, independent software and design team based in Richland, WA. Audio and video data are encrypted between the two communicating computers, so that your conversations can’t be unscrambled. 

Anonymus Web Users

Do any test you want, read the report and if you think you need some help, select "Send request"...

Select a therapist from the map on your area, paste your unique code number and a few words about the issue that concerns you.

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Our Principal


Clients can:

Login to the system at any time of the day and update their own Thought Diary

Watch and study the psycho-educational material assigned to them by the therapist

Keep therapy notes, creates printable flash cards and fill in questionnaires

Create their own activity logs in collaboration with their therapist

Enrich parts of their personal history with events and memories that are emerging in the course of psychotherapy, in order to shed more light on the root of the current psychological difficulties.

A nickname and a password are given to each client by the therapist, so to be able to log-in to the CBTWebHelper and do the work assigned by their therapist.

Only the therapist can make changes to clients’ log-in information. Therefore, no clients’ Personally Identifiable Information  are stored in the cloud while any other data are stored encrypted

CBTWebHelper provides access to a free video chat service, so you can offer remote psychotherapeutic sessions while having access at the same time to the full features of CBTWebHelper (keeping notes, administrating psychometric tests etc). 

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